GST Accounting Placements

GST Tally Accounting Placements

With the new procedures and requirements under GST, your already busy office staff may not have the time to learn the new systems and change accounting methods to meet the new requirements.

Our trained GST Tally accountants will be able to help you in this regard.  We can provide accountants with at least one year experience and GST training to sit at your office and help with the accounting transition. We can also provide accountants to work from your office to file GST returns as per due dates.

Using our accountants will help you manage your time and cost effectively since you need to pay for their service as and when required only.

Besides other accounting work, our GST trained accountants will be able to

  • Handle all your GST invoicing/billing needs, whether it is simple invoices/bills or advanced ones with multi-Item, multi-tax rates, etc
  • Print error free invoices
  • Manage advance receipts and payments
  • Reverse charges for all kinds of business scenarios
  • Prepare invoices for branch transfers in case you have multiple branches
  • Prepare bill of supply for composite dealers
  • Issue invoices for export businesses
  • Make journal adjustments (Input Tax Credit opening balance, utilize Input Tax Credit, utilize cash)
  • Make tax payments for all your indirect taxes
  • Quickly find and correct any errors from within the GST Return itself and see the real-time effect to make accurate GST Returns
  • Segregate information invoice-wise as required for preparing GST Return forms
  • Export your error-free return forms into GSTN Return format or use the GSTN utility to generate the return in the required format and upload to GSTN

A GST Tally accountant is required due to following reasons:

  • Suppliers will record all the purchases (goods and services including other business expense purchases) made by you. You are eligible to avail ITC for purchased services and goods.  A trained accountant will know how to maintain accurate expense purchase details with GST Tally.
  • Customers will choose suppliers carefully to ensure smooth ITC. They will check your compliance readiness.  They will see how well you have adopted technology.  They will see if you will be able to reconcile without discrepancies. They will want to ensure that you will be able to file your GST Returns without many errors, so that they can easily reconcile with you and avail ITC.  Expert knowledge of GST Tally will help you meet these requirements.
  • Since buyer gets input credit only if seller pays GST, your customers might request you to upload your sales invoice on GSTN. This would be to prevent any disputes at a later stage. This will be taught at GST Tally Training.
  • There might be situations where your records may not match with your suppliers/customers. You will then have to reconcile all such mismatch. A trained expert will be able to retrieve data and reconcile easily, saving time.
  • Reconciling mismatch with your suppliers/customers might lead to changes in data several times. A trained accountant will be able to handle this easily, saving time and effort.

A trained expert will be able to catch any discrepancies or errors very easily through data updated in GST Tally.  Rectification will be easier leading to accurate data.